Motor racing is one of the most technically complex of all professional sports.

As a result, many drivers are unable to make full use of their natural ability, and their teams struggle to come to terms with the driver's "special style", as a particular combination of his own personal mistakes is generally known.

A race car is a mechanical object completely governed by the laws of physics which are utterly inflexible. For this reason a driver cannot try different combinations of driving actions in any particular situation on a circuit, and achieve an identical result. There is only one combination which will allow the race car to work as well as it can.

His race engineer's entire training, knowledge and skill have to be based on the above laws and concept. If the driver cannot respond in the same way, then the true performance potential of the car and driver is never reached, and many hours of expensive testing and development can be wasted.

Once a driver has a thorough grasp of genuine scientifically based race driving technique, a whole new world opens up. With every action he takes with the car, he knows in advance exactly what the result will be. Because he can think ahead of the action, everything seems to slow down. He is no longer fighting the car, and the car is not fighting the track.

In any category of motor sport, in addition to an immediate escalation in our client's performance, they regularly find significant improvements in the car's handling, and a marked reduction in tyre wear, without any mechanical changes. For the driver it can mean a spectacular improvement in performance, race wins, and even lap records.

The John Stevens race coaching programme is suitable for all drivers, from novice amateurs through ambitious young professionals to established stars. In every case they will learn techniques which will serve them well throughout their careers, whatever car they drive.


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