"I was a great friend of Juan Manuel Fangio. John is the only driver I've ever met who has the same approach and insight into race driving technique as Fangio had."

Oreste Berta Snr, Berta Motorsport, Argentina

"I recently had the pleasure of receiving a day of driving coaching from John at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. In my career as a racing car designer and race engineer I have engineered many top Formula One and Indy Car drivers and have a good understanding of car dynamics. Recently I have also started race driving myself as a hobby, with some success at British club level. Spending a day with John helped me greatly to translate my understanding of car dynamics into refining my driving techniques and instilled a much higher level of discipline, precision analysis and consequently speed into my driving. Although my driving is a hobby, from what I know of motor sport I believe that many of even the top drivers could benefit from John's coaching techniques."

Adrian Newey, Designer

"In the years I was running a race team with everyone from Bruce McLaren to Graham Hill, instructors didn't exist, whereas now instructors are an invaluable aid to drivers of all abilities. Novice drivers have not only to spend time learning to drive a race car, but also the most advantageous lines on any circuit, which can take a great deal of time. However, one session with John saves endless hours and produces definite results. I have been in the car with John several times myself, and he can certainly find quicker, better lines than I ever could. And when you consider what it would cost to find two seconds a lap from engine power or braking performance, it's a comparitively cheap way of getting results."

Alan Mann, Alan Mann Racing

"Every young driver thinks they are super quick but it made me think a lot more about what I was doing and what really made the car go fast."

Mika Hakkinen, twice F1 World Champion

"On the face of it you wonder what anyone can tell you about your driving from running round a circuit with you, but as the session progressed I realised that I was getting something from it. Instead of just doing things automatically, I was really considering what I was doing and why. It made some things a lot clearer in my mind."

David Coulthard, F1 Driver

"For sure it was helpful. What it really did was to make you think everything through. You just didn't get in the car and start throwing it around. Instead it made you put it all together in your head as a cohesive series of connected thoughts. It made you think about everything you were doing while you were doing it. It was very good."

Allan McNish, F1 Driver and Le Mans Winner

"I have learned a lot of things from him. I went to Donington where I was surprised by his driving of a four-wheel drive Audi. I think he has talent! Last year my car was bad but my driving was also bad. For example, my apex points were always too early. John Stevens has helped me get them right. Before, I always felt that a Formula 1 car was quick. Suddenly I had begun to feel the car had become slow and the track had become so wide! Everybody says that I have a new confidence. I don't think that it is only confidence. It is also my new approach and the improvement in my driving."

Ukyo Katayama, Tyrrell F1 driver
(1994, his most successful season)

"I was very much impressed by his performances in 1994. I think he has made a quantum leap forward. Following him on the track, I often wonder how in the world he can drive that fast. I simply don't get it."

Michael Schumacher
(end of 1994 season, referring to Katayama)

"Our team had the pleasure to receive all your knowledge to our three drivers. This with no doubt helped us to win the 2006 & 2007 TC 2000 Championships, and helped our drivers in other series they compete."

Jorge Maíquez, Chevrolet Racing Manager, General Motors de Argentina

"In 2007 I was in need of some tuition on four UK circuits that I was unfamiliar with. Within a few weeks I had to compete at these tracks whilst taking part in the Palmer Audi Championship. It is testament to John's tuition that I came away with three lap records and Wins out of those four races and finished 2nd in the Championship in my first year of racing cars. Many thanks John!"

Stefan Wilson

"I think John is an exceptionally talented driver himself, and I feel one of the big obstacles he strikes is that a lot of young guys think, 'what can he teach me?' A lot of them are surprised by what he can do and how quickly he drives, and he also has this tremendous ability - better than anyone else I've come across - to actually describe what needs to be done."

Peter Collins, F1 Team Manager (Lotus, Williams, Benetton)

"My partner bought me a session with John as a Christmas present last year as I was about to fulfill a life long ambition and go motor racing. A friend who had previously competed in GP2 recommended John to my partner, and having never competed in motor racing before she wanted to provide me with the best possible start to my season's racing. John's instruction and coaching was a revelation. He instilled in me the ability to gain the maximum out of the vehicle with the minimum of effort from both the driver and the vehicle. Whilst on track he provided me with a great understanding of car control, but also gave me the tools to be able to work up the most appropriate lines of a race track – everything on track is a compromise, but John has developed my skill to determine the best possible compromise. As the 2009 season was my first, I had never raced at any of the tracks before. In addition, a number of UK circuits did not allow testing prior to a race weekend, therefore on a number of occasions I found myself going out for qualifying having never driven the circuit before. John's continued advice proved invaluable throughout the whole year. We would have regular telephone conversations where we would discuss circuits. John would talk me round a circuit, corner by corner and sometimes even bump by bump. His detailed directions proved invaluable, most notably at one circuit where I arrived having never driven it nor had the opportunity to test on it. I finished the weekend with a clean sweep of two pole positions, two race wins and two fastest laps! So in summary, the results speak for themselves. During 2009 I competed in a 20 year old car using second hand tyres. I finished second in the championship (on equal points to the winner), had five pole positions, three race wins, many podiums and 6 fastest laps, all on circuits I had never driven before. This would not have been possible without John's input and advice. John is a true gentleman, with the experience and character to get the best out of drivers whether Formula 1 standard or just amateur national drivers."

Club racing driver

"Although my son Chad fell 3 points short of the 2009 Formula Vee Championship and having finished 2nd for the year he has never the less had a successful year in his first season of single seater racing. The Winner of the Series has now won it four years in a row. Over eight rounds Chad's statistics are: 5 pole positions, 2 fastest laps, 7 race wins, Rookie Of The Year. Chad at 15 years old has also been credited with being the youngest ever race winner in the class's 44 year history together with the most race wins this season. The Champion scored 5 race wins. Once again, many thanks for your valued input in coaching Chad here in South Africa earlier this year. Your knowledge and efforts imparted were well used and will be well used from here on."

Chris van Beurden, South Africa

"There is a natural scepticism about whether he really can be of as much benefit to a driver as he claims. Then you climb in the car with him and feel it behaving as no other car in your experience ever has before. Definitely one of motor racing's best-kept secrets, Mr Stevens."

Mark Hughes, Autosport Grand Prix Editor

"For two seasons running, John was involved with training for our rally drivers and on both occasions an improvement in driving performance resulted. The two drivers concerned are Martin Rowe and Tapio Laukkanen - back-to-back British Rally Champions. I would not hesitate in recommending his services."

Simon North, Renault Dealer Rallying

"In my role as Sales Co-ordinator for Dunlop Motorsport UK, I have had the pleasure of working with John Stevens with the objective of improving the performance from the rider/machine/tyres through some of the following methods: 1) liaison with rider; 2) circuit knowledge; 3) in-car tuition; 4) machine set-up. I have no hesitation in recommending John Stevens to anyone looking to benefit from John's vast experience and knowledge. He is a welcome member to my team whenever his schedule will allow."

Phil Plater, Motorcycle Motorsport Division, Dunlop Tyres Ltd

"As Race Team Manager of the Castrol Honda World Superbike and Supersport Team, I have had the pleasure of working with John Stevens in the unique position of coach for riders to improve techniques and riding styles for different tracks. John has earned the respect of competitors at the highest level in both motorcycle racing and motor racing."

Neil Tuxworth, Castrol Honda

"I have been involved with motorcycle road racing both as a competitor at the highest level of the sport and as a Grand Prix Team Manager. I can vouch for John's expertise and professionalism in assisting his pupils with their riding style and technique at any circuit across the world, from Mallory Park to the Nürburgring. I would have no hesitation in putting John's respected name forward for any position in the world of professional motorsports."

Roger Burnett, Roger Burnett Promotions

"I thought I would put down on paper a few words to express my appreciation for the help and advice that you have given me this season [1992]. With the season now ended I look back at some fantastic days' racing. Days like winning my first ever National at Thruxton (remember John that was the first meeting where you started to help me). The sixth place finish at the Donington European Championship race, getting the ride in the Grand Prix, days where I individually won the three domestic championships and finally winning the Anglo-French International Challenge Race at Donington Park. I think you will agree it has been a fantastic year and I am very grateful for the effort and commitment that you gave me, which I am sure helped make all of this possible."

Neil Hodgson

"We were delighted to have you with us last week, and are unanimous to attest that the demonstration you let us share with you in driving the Jaguar was unique and quite exciting. In fact you opened for us a new horizon in car driving, and indeed you let us see the Jaguar with new eyes by revealing unknown aspects of the car which only your kind of driving could outline. This experience has been truly appreciated and we thank you for it."

Saad and Trad, Jaguar Importer, Beirut

"As a company we have used the services of John Stevens over the past 15 years with many of our clients choosing to improve their driving skills under his guidance and tuition, enabling them to drive a range of cars from 1960s historic cars to modern day GT cars. In 2004 when I started racing myself I chose to use John to coach me to start off my own career and in my very first full season of racing I won the Lotus Road Sports Championship. I would strongly recommend anyone serious about motorsport to use the services of John Stevens."

Dean Lanzante, Lanzante Limited


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