Would you like to have the knowledge of race driving technique comparable to that of the great Juan Manuel Fangio, and which has inspired Mika Hakinnen, David Coulthard, Alan McNish among many others, and even impressed Michael Schumacher?

The opportunity to be taught the ultimate lines at any race circuit in the world and achieve your fastest lap times ever, even lap records, in Touring Cars, Sports Cars, or any Single Seater category?

To possess a genuine scientifically based knowledge of race driving technique, compatible with the principles and disciplines of your race engineer's training? This will enable you to give him reliable handling information, which will allow him to easily set up your car to operate at its maximum potential, thus saving hours of very expensive testing and development.

Would you like to be an expert tarmac rally driver?

Do you want to improve your skills at motor cycle racing?

No hype, no mind games, no time wasting. Just read our references.


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